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NET Gain No. 1:
General Voc Ed Resources
(September 1995)

For years university researchers were the only surfers on the Internet, but now a wider audience can access its resources. The purpose of this column is to provide Journal readers with a periodic list of useful electronic resources for vocational education. Look for "NET Gain" in the "Keeping Up" department of every other issue.

E-mail Lists

These are electronic mailing lists that deal primarily with vocational education issues. If you have an Internet e-mail account, you can subscribe by sending a one-line subscription message to the subscription addresses listed below.
S2WTP (School-to-Work/Tech Prep)
Number of subscribers: 240
Subscription address:
Subscription message: subscribe s2wtp
Assistance: Kevin Miller,
STWNet (School-to-Work Net)
Number of subscribers: 630
Subscription address:
Subscription message: subscribe stwnet
Assistance: Joyce Malyn-Smith,, 617-969-7100
Number of subscribers: 1,100
Subscription address:
Subscription message: subscribe vocnet Firstname Lastname
Assistance: Carrie Collins,, 800-(old phone deleted)

VocServe Bulletin Board

If you have a modem or an Internet connection that allows you to connect to other systems using the telnet protocol, you can connect to VocServe, NCRVE's electronic bulletin-board. VocServe contains abstracts of NCRVE publications, NCRVE newsletters and briefs, discussion forums, access to VOCNET and K12Net, and information from other vocational education groups. VocServe can be accessed with any communications software, but special client software is available for Macintoshes and is expected to be available for Windows machines this summer.
Number of subscribers: 450
Telnet address:
Modem number: 510-643-6793
Assistance: David Carlson,, 800-(old phone deleted)


The ERIC Clearinghouse for Adult, Career, and Vocational Education at Ohio State University has produced a number of timely briefs and digests that can be accessed online via the AskERIC Gopher.

The URL (uniform resource locator) is: gopher://

To navigate the gopher "by hand," connect your gopher client to: and follow these menu choices: ERIC Clearinghouses/Components : ERIC Clearinghouses : ERIC Clearinghouse on Adult, Career, & Vocational Education.

All ERIC Digests, not just those produced by ERIC/ACVE, can be searched by keyword at gopher:// (via menus: ERIC Digests File).

In addition, the AskERIC Gopher (gopher:// and the AskERIC Home Page ( provide pointers to a great deal of useful information.

"NET Gain" is compiled by David Carlson, Peter Seidman (NCRVE, University of California at Berkeley) and Judith Wagner (ERIC/ACVE, Ohio State University). An online version of this column will be available on the NCRVE World Wide Web server ( Readers are encouraged to let the authors know about any changes in the resources listed, as well as about other resources they find useful.

David Carlson: 800-(old phone deleted);
Peter Seidman: 800-(old phone deleted);
Judy Wagner: 800-848-4815;

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