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NET Gain No. 14: Calendars of Events (November/December 1997)

Calendars of events, including meetings and conferences, appear on the Web sites of several vocational education related organizations. This installment of "NET Gain" highlights five of the more substantive calendars. For comparison of coverage the calendars were searched for events occurring September- December.

The Major Players

The National School-to-Work Office maintains a calendar of events at /calendar.htm. The calendar, listing about 30 events, is clearly and attractively presented. In some cases, it provides links to the sponsoring organization's Web-based information.

The National Center for Research in Vocational Education's calendar, listing about 20 events, is located at Because of the site's database you can search for events by title, location, sponsoring organization or date. Surfers can choose long or short descriptions of events and sort events by date or organization name. There also are links to the event sponsors' Web pages when available.

The Florida School-to-Work Information Navigator lists about 15 upcoming events at Like the School-to-Work Office calendar, it is organized as a single chronological page with links to sponsors' pages when available.

The U.S. Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration has a calendar at, which lists almost 40 events. The presentation is similar to the School-to-Work Office, but the database format allows for more flexibility. However, there is not a search facility (other than using your Web browser to search the current display).

The Education Week calendar at is a good collection of information with nearly 400 events listed. The main display is a monthly chronological listing. There also are indexes by subject and sponsoring organization.

Calendar Overlap

The School-to-Work Office, NCRVE and Florida School-to-Work calendars have several major events in common. For example, 11 of NCRVE's items also appear on the School-to-Work Office's page. The ETA calendar has almost no overlap with the others because it focuses on ETA job training and workforce development activities. Events related to skill standards and welfare-to-work also are included.

All of these calendars are good resources for Techniques readers and together provide good coverage of national and regional conferences. Bookmark your favorites and take advantage of the feedback buttons on all the sites to inform calendar managers of events that should be included.

This "NET Gain" was compiled by David Carlson and Peter Seidman (NCRVE, University of California at Berkeley). An online archive of columns is available on the NCRVE World Wide Web server ( Readers are encouraged to let the authors know about any changes in the resources listed, as well as about others they find useful.

David Carlson: 800-(old phone deleted);
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