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NET Gain No. 4: Adult Education
(May 1996)

Resources on adult education are likely to be of interest to many vocational educators. This installment of "NET Gain" covers the major electronic sources utilized by adult education researchers and practitioners.

World Wide Web Sites

Check out <> for the info-packed Web site of the Department of Education [note: case is important in this address). This site includes pointers to all ERIC Clearinghouses and components, the National Center for Research in Vocational Education, the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education, the regional labs, several research and development centers, Star Schools program sites, the USDE Division of Adult Education and Literacy, the National Science Foundation, and many others. We're particularly pleased to see the Department of Labor School-to-Work Opportunities initiative (

More noteworthy sites:

Electronic Mailing Lists

Electronic Journals

"NET Gain" is compiled by Judith Wagner (ERIC/ACVE, Ohio State University), David Carlson, and Peter Seidman (NCRVE, University of California at Berkeley). An online version of this column will be available on the NCRVE World Wide Web server ( Readers are encouraged to let the authors know about any changes in the resources listed, as well as about other resources they find useful.

Judy Wagner: 800-848-4815;
David Carlson: 800-(old phone deleted);
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