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NET Gain No. 8: The NOICC Web Site (February 1997)

The March 1996 "NET Gain" was devoted to searching the Internet and said, "Although automated indexes certainly have their uses, they can't index concepts or organize resources on a given topic the way someone familiar with the topic can. Fortunately, there are many dedicated folks on the Net who devote significant amounts of time and energy to compiling guides to resources." For occupational information, the Web site of the National Occupational Information Coordinating Committee Web site at is a stellar example.

Job Search Sites

This page is exemplary not only because it links to a dozen very useful sites but also because each link contains a paragraph describing the site's strengths.

Career Information

Still under development, this page has details about the career information delivery systems that are operated by many agencies and institutions, including the State Occupational Information Coordinating Committees (SOICCs).

Career Development, Guidance and Counseling

This page describes NOICC's principal career development and training programs.

Labor Market and Educational Data Sites

This page contains useful, evaluative descriptions of each of 17 national sites and a sampling of six exemplary state sites.

Internet Tour: Job & Labor Market Data

This page includes links to four job-search clearinghouses. It's also an alternate path to NOICC's job search, labor market and educational data sites and World Wide Web search engines.


This page contains a list of SOICC contact information, organized by state, including e-mail and World Wide Web links if available.

NOICC Home Page

NOICC's home page is organized with links to nine categories of information, clearly presented in both table and text versions. All the pages combine a good use of graphics with clear organization.

NOICC/SOICC Programs--What We Do

This page describes the structure, goals and programs of NOICC and the SOICCs. There also are links to more information.

NOICC Calendar of Events

This page, still under development, lists conferences and meetings. Only dates, organizations and locations are included--no contact information. This page also links to the calendars of events from other organizations.

Navigating the WEB: WWW Search Engines

This page has links for quick and easy access to nine World Wide Web search services.

This "NET Gain" was compiled by David Carlson and Peter Seidman (NCRVE, University of California at Berkeley). An online archive of columns is available on the NCRVE World Wide Web server . Readers are encouraged to let the authors know about any changes in the resources listed, as well as about others they find useful.

David Carlson: 800-(old phone deleted);
Peter Seidman: 800-(old phone deleted);

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