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NET Gain No. 9: K-12 Websites Again (February 1997)

Last year's November/December "Net Gain" asked readers to send information about K-12 Vocational Sites on the World Wide Web. The response to that column and a subsequent "Call for sites" on the VOCNET discussion list resulted in a small but impressive line-up. This list now is on the NCRVE "K-12 Vocational Sites" page We hope to update and continuously expand this list with the help of Techniques readers. For now, here's the roster of those who let us know they're out there.

The Career-Technical Education Program

The Web site for this program at the New Horizons Regional Education Center in Hampton, Virginia, ( includes descriptions of 17 one-year and 10 two-year programs.

Catoosa Technology Center

The Web site for the Catoosa Technology Center, a technology education lab at Catoosa Middle School in Catoosa, Oklahoma, ( is a superb collection of links to technology education resources on the Web, including local and regional activities of the Technology Student Association.

School-to-Career Program at De Anza High School

This school-to-career program in Richmond, California, ( has a modest site that lists the program's goals and timelines.

Hannibal Area Vocational-Technical School

The Web site for this vo-tech school in Hannibal, Missouri, ( includes a collection of pages that provide information about all aspects of the institution.

Liberty-Benton Agricultural Education Department

The Web site for this program at Liberty-Benton High School in Findlay, Ohio, ( includes articles and photos of recent student activities and events.

Max S. Hayes Vocational High School

The Web site for this high school in Cleveland, Ohio, ( includes brief descriptions of the school's eight vocational and eight academic programs.

River Bend Career & Technical Center

This school in Bradford, Vermont, ( has a site maintained by students in the pre-engineering technology progam. It is an impressive mix of graphics, photos and links to other River Bend pages.

Worcester Vocational High School

The school's Web pages ( are maintained by students in the applied Communication classes. The principal link page points to 29 departments and services, as well as to a page of "favorite links" to information elsewhere on the Web.

This "NET Gain" was compiled by David Carlson and Peter Seidman (NCRVE, University of California at Berkeley). An online archive of columns is available on the NCRVE World Wide Web server ( Readers are encouraged to let the authors know about any changes in the resources listed, as well as about others they find useful.

David Carlson: 800-(old phone deleted);
Peter Seidman: 800-(old phone deleted);

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