NCPQVE Documents Available

A number of informational documents are available from the NCPQVE staff:
  1. The NCPQVE Overview of the Project Framework and Proposed Standards and Indicators
  2. The NCPQVE Proposed Instructional Materials Review Instrument - Includes the NCPQVE Standards and Indicators.
  3. The NCPQVE Questions and Answers Booklet - Answers to the questions posed by the field regarding a quality review process being developed and established.
  4. Annotated Bibliography for National Skill Studies - Abstracts of several national workforce skill studies published between 1988 to 1992, and reviewed in the process of developing initial standards.
  5. Annotated Bibliography - Research relating to the design, development and implementation of curricula standards.
  6. Application for the NCPQVE Reviewers Bureau
  7. NCPQVE Guidebook

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