Current NCPQVE Task Force Members:

Carol Bell
Project Director
New Mexico VIPS

Betty Brunelle
Assistant State Director
Wisconsin Technical College System

Naomi Bryson
State Vocational Curriculum Liason
Michigan Department of Education

Pat Cartwright
Curriculum Specialist
Madison Area Technical College

Rebecca Douglass Woodhull, Director
East Central Curriculm Coordination Center
Sangamon State University

Susan Forman, Director of Relations
Mathematical Sciences Ed. Board
Washington, DC

Katherine Hanson, Director
WEEA Publishing Center
Newton, MA

Mary Hendrix, Director
Educational Development Training Center
East Texas State University

Harley Schlichting, Director
Instructional Materials Laboratory
University of Missouri-Columbia

Jane Huston
Assistant Executive Director
Mid-America Voc. Curriculum Consortium

Ronald Mehrer
Project Director
North Dakota State Board for Vocational & Technical Education

V. Jane Muhl, Consultant
Health Occupations Education
Iowa City, IA

Tom Owens, Sr. Research Assoc.
Northwest Regional Education Laboratory
Portland, OR

Jan Huss, Private Consultant
Evanston, IL

Barbara Dougherty and Margaret Ellibee, Project Co-Directors
Center on Education and Work
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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