NCPQVE Standards and Indicators

The following is a comprehensive list of the standards and indicators that guide the NCPQVE curriculum review process. The review results are in the NCPQVE Product Profile.

Content Standard

Vocational education curricula must focus on the integration of academic foundations into career development, life skills, and occupational competencies.

Instructional Standard

Vocational education curricula, through active and applied learning experiences in school, community, and work-based settings, enables students to acquire problem-solving, communication, and reasoning strategies.

Student Assessment Standard

Assesssments within the vocational education curricula must be student-focused in the measurement of attitudes, knowledge, and skills, as well as in their application to problem solving within the classroom and workplace environment.

Equity/Diversity Standard

Vocational education curricula must reflect content which portrays and celebrates the active participation of all individuals in the nation's workforce, communities, and educational institutions.

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