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NCPQVE Seeks Quality Curriculum

If you're familiar with any curriculum materials you feel deserve national attention, please bring them to the attention of the National Consortium for Product Quality (NCPQ). We're interested in reviewing high-quality curriculum for the field of School-to-Work education. Our reviews are then disseminated nationally, via the National Center for Research in Vocational Education, the six National Curriculum Centers, and electronically via VOCNET.

The Review Process

Materials sent to us undergo a two-stage review. Phase I, conducted by National Consortium staff, includes a preliminary review of all products using the Standards and Indicators formulated by the National Task Force of the NCPQ. Phase II calls upon the talents of experts nationwide, including other curriculum developers, practitioners, and members of industry.

Phase I

The Phase I Review will provide a general indication of the extent to which the curriculum or instructional product reflects the quality standards. For each product submitted, the nominator will receive a completed Phase I Review Feedback Form. This feedback may be helpful in considering the curriculum for adoption, making revisions and enhancements, and guiding future curriculum development efforts designed to expand or supplement the initial curriculum.

Phase II

Materials receiving high scores on the Phase I review will be forwarded to the National Consortium's Panel of Reviewers. This Phase II review will consist of an in-depth assessment of the product by three to five experts, whose selection is based on their familiarity with both the content and instructional design of the product.

Comprehensive Product Profiles will be prepared and disseminated nationally for products emerging from the Phase II review. The Product Profiles will provide instructors, administrators, curriculum specialists, and teams with detailed information on the product and its content, instructional design features, format, and availability.

How to Submit Material

If you're interested in submitting curriculum, please contact Margaret Ellibee or Barbara Dougherty for the Submittal Application Form.

Contact Barbara Dougherty and Margaret Ellibee, Project Co-Directors

(800) 446-0399

Center on Education and Work
1025 West Johnson Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53706


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