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Leader Attributes Inventory Manual (MDS-730)

J. Moss, Jr., J. Lambrecht, Q. Jensrud, C. Finch

This manual should be of particular interest to potential users of the Leader Attributes Inventory (LAI), as well as to those who study leadership and its measurement. The manual contains (1) the rationale, (2) the development and psychometric characteristics, and (3) an explanation of how to use the LAI.

The LAI yields a diagnostic assessment by multiple observers of 37 attributes that predispose desirable leadership performance in vocational education. Individualized feedback reports contain three charts which (1) compare the ratee's self-ratings with the average of his or her ratings-by- observers on each attribute, (2) compare the average of her or his ratings-by- observers on each attribute with an appropriate norm group, and (3) predict the level of leadership performance expected of the participant in his or her norm group.

The manual is organized into four chapters plus appendices. Chapter 1 describes the context in which the LAI was developed, and the conceptualization of leadership that forms its foundation. Chapter 2 explains how the LAI is used. The developmental history of the LAI and the measures of its reliability and validity are presented in Chapter 3. Chapter 4 describes the process used to establish the norm groups and standards. Finally, the appendices contain a copy of the LAI, an explanation of the development of the Leader Effectiveness Index (LEI) (which provides a criterion used to estimate the validity of the LAI), a sample of the individualized LAI feedback report, and various tables.

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