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Getting to Work: A Guide for Better Schools

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Practitioner's Guide

An introduction and five modules help you develop the key components of work-oriented learning and instruction.

Facilitator's Guide

Tools for organizing a wide range of professional development activities for Getting to Work.

Where does education end and work begin?

One of the greatest challenges facing educators today is how to prepare students for living and working in a rapidly changing world. The days of the single lifelong occupation are gone forever. Mastering the changing and complex opportunities of the work world will require providing all students with a broad, rigorous foundation of knowledge and skills.

Meeting this challenge demands new approaches to education. One promising strategy is an increased emphasis on the integration of academic and vocational learning. In this model, students not only learn to work--they also work to learn.

How to couple learning + working for life.

Getting to Work: A Guide for Better Schools is a comprehensive package of strategies, activities, and case studies for teachers and administrators dedicated to improving education. First and foremost, Getting to Work is about helping all students master a high level of academic knowledge and skills--preparing them for a lifetime of learning and working.

By better integrating academic and vocational instruction and by carefully linking classroom-based learning to work-based learning, educators can raise the understanding and achievement of many more students--especially those who have difficulty with the abstractions of the traditional academic curriculum.

To achieve this aim, Getting to Work guides educators in using the world of work to create a rigorous, broad-reaching curriculum that will prepare students for the full range of postsecondary opportunities, as well as for successful careers.

Get your school to work.

Getting to Work: A Guide for Better Schools provides you with all the tools you need to create a curriculum that will make the most of economic and cultural opportunities in your area.

Practitioner's Guide

How can schools prepare students for the rapidly changing world of work while using work to reorganize and improve education? Getting to Work adopts four guiding principles as the basic foundation for a comprehensive, career-oriented curriculum: Module 1: Education for Work
Education for work can occur in many different ways. Module 1 consists of four units, each developing an alternative organizational approach to work-oriented education:

For each approach, the unit provides strategies for clarifying goals and objectives, adopting an organizational structure, developing a steering committee, and defining specific curriculum components.

Module 2: Integrated Curriculum
Integrating academic and vocational curriculum is a central feature of Getting to Work. Module 2 helps teachers develop integrated curriculum in four ways:

Module 3: Learning Experiences
Work-based learning provides opportunities to create exciting new learning experiences for students. This module contains four units that help teachers create four different kinds of work-based learning experiences:

Module 4: Student Assessment
Getting a thorough understanding of how well students are mastering the range of knowledge and skills that are the focus of a work-oriented program depends on a variety of assessment tools. This module helps teachers better understand how to use four different kinds of assessment:

None of these tools is inherently superior to the others. The utility of each depends on knowing under what circumstances a particular approach is most appropriate.

Module 5: Cross-Cutting Issues
This module contains eight units, each briefly addressing a subject that teachers often confront in using the strategies presented in the other four modules. These units are:

This module also includes a list of terms, resources, and a bibliography for the entire Practitioner's Guide.

Facilitator's Guide

Video Clips
An 89-minute video tape provides real examples from various high schools, focusing on selected components of Getting to Work.

Workshop Plans
Extensive and detailed plans for professional development workshops ranging from as little as one-and-a-half hours to several days. Linked directly to each unit and module in the Practitioner's Guide, these plans provide step-by-step guidance for training teachers and administrators in using Getting to Work in their schools and classrooms. The plans also include a program for training additional trainers, at either the state or the local level.

One hundred professionally designed overheads for clearly presenting key concepts from each of the units included in the five modules of Getting to Work.

Getting to Work: A Guide for Better Schools

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