In the spirit of the new year and direction of the Network, Urban Update may feel and read differently the next time you pick it up.

In the Agreement for Program Improvement, we promised you five types of assistance in the areas of: communication, professional development, technical assistance, feedback, and funding. We want to make sure that all our efforts address these areas: thus, in the new newsletter we will: (1) communciate by announcing upcoming events, new resources, and providing helpful hints; (2) provide professional development by sharing what you have found in your reform effort and what we have found in our research; (3) provide technical assistance by showing examples of how others are overcoming and offering advice from other sites, the field consultants (Marilyn and Lola), and our cadre of fellows; (4) provide feedback by highlighting team progress, putting emphasis on problem solving, and trouble-shooting; and (5) provide funding information by announcing available grant money and offering grant writing tips

The new newsletter will be theme based and hopefully include plenty of your writings. Therefore, help us make this newsletter yours. Send us work from you or your students, editorials, articles, helpful hints, photos, and artwork.

For excellence the presence of others is always required.-Hannah Arendt, philospher

Please send your submissions for this newsletter via e-mail(magi@uclink.berkeley.edu), fax (510-642-2124), or mail them to NCRVE, attention: Maggie Flack.

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