New Year's Resolutions

Last month, we polled your team liaison(s) for your 1996 goals. The liaison responses are printed below. You will find you are not alone in your efforts. We encourage you to contact other teams to share ideas and advice. Contact the team liaison(s) at the numbers below.

BALTIMORE (Mergenthaler Voc-Tech High School): Replacing occupations oriented programs with Tech Prep programs. Involving more students in the articulated Tech Prep program with Baltimore City Community College. Contact: Stan Brown, 410-333-7912, or Maggie Caples, 410-396-8556.

BALTIMORE (Lansdowne High School): Expanding the existing Tech Prep Program to schoolwide career clusters. Developing a block schedule that would support integrated curriculum within the career clusters. Contact: Delores Cassell, 410-887-1415.

CHICAGO (Morgan Park High School): Completing the establishment of the Morgan Park Institute of Computer Technology as a four-year integrated academy approach. Developing articulation agreements with two local community colleges: Kennedy-King and Olive Harvey. Contact: Sharon Bell, 312-535-2550 ext 155.

CLEVELAND (Jane Adams Business Careers Center): Pilot testing the first phase of a five phase school redesign. Beginning with 9th grade, pilot testing an integrated block schedule design. Conducting student pre and post tests to provide important feedback about program design. Increasing the number of partners they have working with their program.

DENVER (Fred N. Thomas Career Education Center): Implementing an "all aspects of the industry" focus into all courses. Creating a more effective student transition plan from high school and beyond, including exit interviews, goal setting, time lines, placement exams and learning how to take the next steps. Contact: Debbie Williams, 303-964-3057.

DETROIT (Detroit Public Schools): Developing programs at participating schools that will serve as prototypes for the Tech Prep program. Enrolling more students in college level math and communications courses taught at the high school. Contact: Dr. Cora Eubanks, 313-494-1652.

HARRISBURG (Harrisburg Steelton-Highspire Technical School): Implementing and assessing a new project/thematic approach to integrated curriculum with a pilot group of tenth graders in the Technology Cluster (drafting and design, electronics, and graphics). Contact: Gregory Williams, 717-231-4417.

HOUSTON (MacArthur High School): Working on communication within the school building, and across institutions, about the meaning of Tech Prep as a way to transform teaching and schools using applied learning. In addition, working to expand their efforts to include new teachers, new schools, and to further involve the community college. Contact: Franklin Higgins, 713-985-6646.

LAS CRUCES (Dona Ana Tech Prep Consortium): Working to integrate academic and vocationl education through clusters, academies, and Tech Prep programs. Contact: John Krause, 505-527-6050.

NASHVILLE (Volunteer State Community College, Maplewood High): Continuing to develop a Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation curriculum, with articulated coursework between Volunteer State Community College, Maplewood High School, and other area high schools in the consortium. Contact: Phyllis Foley, 615-452-8600 ext 350.

NEW ORLEANS (L.E. Rabouin Career Magnet High School): Curriculum integration. Using the team focus format to develop a timeline and commitment to implement integration activities. Contact: Dr. Carol Chance, 504-592-8398.

NEW YORK (George Westinghouse Voc & Tech High School, New York City Technical College): Piloting the "Great Thinkers (or Leaders) in Industry" course in Spring 1996. This is an integrated English and electronics/engineering course based on an "all aspects of the industry" approach. Tying this course into a new manufacturing program, also based on AAI, that will operate as a school-based enterprise. Contact: Anne Gawkins, 718-260-5206.

OKLAHOMA (CREATE Consortium): Setting up teams to identify, plan, and develop clusters, and to develop appropriate integrated curriculum. All students will be on a six-year plan of study based on their interest in a career cluster. School districts within the CREATE Consortium are Edmond Public Schools, Putnam City Public Schools, Deer Creek Public Schools, Crescent Public Schools, Milwood Public Schools, Western Heights Public Schools, and Oklahoma City Community College. Contact: Carla High, 405-720-4380.

OMAHA (Bryan High School): Re-establishing a mentoring program that will target students who lack career goals and students with very clear career goals. Finalizing implementation plans for a 9th through 12th grade work-based learning experience continuum. Contact: Tom O'Hara,402-557-2620, and Ola Anderson, 402-449-0242.

PHILADELPHIA (Philadelphia Public Schools): Gaining community support for the implementation of system-wide (K-16) school to career pathways. Using existing learning groups to design and implement career pathaways with high academic and industry standards. Contact: Mary Jane Clancy, 215-875-3801.

SOMERVILLE (Somerville High School): Having all teachers in the high school be a member of: (a) a 9th and 10th grade core academics cluster; (b) an 11th and 12th grade career pathway; (c) both a cluster and a career pathway. Developing integrated curricula for two pathways, Finance and Health Careers, that require team teaching between academic and vocational teachers. Contact: Vincent Callaghan, 617-625-6600 ext 6135.

ST. PAUL (St. Paul Tech Prep Consortium): Developing occupationally clustered, integrated academic and vocational programs in Business Education, Graphics Communications, and Food Service at Humboldt Secondary Complex. By the end of the year, they hope to have a program that students can enroll in next Fall. Contact: Nick Waldoch, 612-293-5429.

WASHINGTON, DC (McKinley/ Penn Senior High School): Creating the academy of Integrated Media Studies by consolidating the Publishing Academy and the School of Communications into a single program that integrates communication with media. Developing integrated curriculum to support this effort. Contact: Reginald Gordon, 202-576-6011.

WASHINGTON, DC (Phelps Career Senior High School): Developing an Integrated Design Electronics Academy (IDEA). Using IDEA as a pilot program to explore the concept of creating a career majors charter school at Phelps. Contact: Colonel Joseph Stull, 202-724-4516.

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Baltimore (Mergenthaler Voc-Tech High School)Marilyn Raby
Baltimore (Lansdowne High School)Marilyn Raby
CharlotteMayo Tsuzuki
ChicagoMarilyn Raby
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IndianapolisErika Nielsen Andrew
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NashvilleMimi Steadman
New OrleansMarilyn Raby
New YorkMayo Tsuzuki
Oklahoma (CREATE Consortium)Mimi Steadman
Oklahoma (Metro Area Voc-Tech School)Mimi Steadman
OmahaMayo Tsuzuki
PhiladelphiaMarilyn Raby
RaleighMaggie Flack
SeattleMimi Steadman
SomervilleMayo Tsuzuki
St. PaulMaggie Flack
TuscaloosaMayo Tsuzuki
Wash., D.C. (McKinley/Penn Senior High School)Marilyn Raby
Wash., D.C. (Phelps Career Senior High School)Marilyn Raby

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