Profiles and Best Practices: Exemplary Vocational Special Populations Programs

Z. B. Matias, C. Maddy-Bernstein, J. A. Kantenberger

Individuals working with special populations face the challenge of finding creative ways to help these students overcome many of the barriers that can hinder their success. This monograph discusses the characteristics shared by exemplary vocational special populations programs. Twenty key components are described, from administrative leadership and support to program evaluation, integrated vocational/academic curriculum, instructional support services, and work experience opportunities. Best practices for each component provide concrete examples culled from exemplary programs. The study also recognizes less tangible elements which are important for success, such as belief in students' ability, creative problem solving, and high staff morale. Profiles of model programs show how success occurs in a variety of settings and backgrounds.

MDS-856 / December 1995

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