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Capital Connection Policy Newsletter
Written for an interdisciplinary audience, this newsletter highlights emerging policy initiatives and new legislation affecting career development and transition for special populations. A special emphasis is placed on analysis of policy changes and how they can potentially affect services to special needs groups. ($15.00/DCD member, $20.00/nonmember)

Carol A. Kochhar, Editor
The George Washington University
Department of Teacher Preparation and Special Education
2134 G Street
Washington, DC 20052
(202) 994-1536
Fax: (202) 994-3365

Career Development for Exceptional Individuals
As the official publication of the Council for Exceptional Children's Division on Career Development, this semiannual periodical is devoted to original contributions to the knowledge of career development for individuals with exceptional characteristics and needs. ($20.00/individual, $10.00/single copy)

Council for Exceptional Children
Division on Career Development
1920 Association Drive
Department K 2
Reston, VA 22091-1589
(703) 620-3660

The Career Development Quarterly
This practitioner-oriented journal, formerly known as The Vocational Guidance Quarterly, is read by more than 6,000 professionals in career counseling and career education in a wide range of settings. This quarterly journal contains articles on timely topics, periodic reviews of assessment instruments, and resources. ($35.00/year)

PP&F Subscription Office
P.O. Box 2513
Birmingham, AL 35201-2513
(800) 633-4931

Career Opportunities News
Each issue of this newsletter contains information on subjects such as employment trends, free and inexpensive career materials, new reports and books, liberal arts education and careers, minority and women's interests, conferences and other activities, financial aid, and women and careers. Published six times a year, the newsletter would be appropriate for career center and community agency personnel, guidance counselors, placement directors, and others interested in career opportunities. ($30.00, $25.00 prepaid)

Robert Calvert, Jr., Editor
Garrett Park Press
Garrett Park, MD 20896
(301) 946-2553

Career Planning and Adult Development Network Newsletter
Written for career counselors, human resource specialists, educators, and researchers, this newsletter provides information on current issues, events, and resources of professional interest about career planning and human resource development. (Included in membership)

Richard L. Knowdell, Editor
Career Planning and Adult Development Network
4965 Sierra Road
San Jose, CA 95132
(408) 559-4946

Change Agent
Articles in this quarterly periodical highlight current best practices, applied research, and resources on topics such as integrating academic and vocational education, Tech Prep, serving learners with special needs, accountability, performance standards, and administration and teacher preparation. This newsletter would be of interest to practitioners, administrators, researchers, and policymakers concerned with issues in vocational education. ($25.00/year)

National Center for Research in Vocational Education
Materials Distribution Service
Western Illinois University
46 Horrabin Hall
1 University Circle
Macomb, IL 61455
(800) 637-7652

Counseling Today
Counseling Today is the official newspaper of the American Counseling Association (ACA). Published monthly, with additional issues in November and May, Counseling Today accepts unsolicited articles and guest editorials. ACA is an educational and scientific organization dedicated to the growth and enhancement of the counseling and human development profession. It provides leadership training, continuing education opportunities, and advocacy services to its members. It also represents members' interests in other professional associations, before Congress, and with federal agencies. ($30 annually/14 issues; $2 single copies)

Mary Morrisey, Managing Editor
American Counseling Association
5999 Stevenson Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22304
(703) 823-9800

Education Daily
Regular features in this newsletter include education policy, funding, legislative updates, and the latest resources. Published every business day, this newsletter covers education issues including school administration, court cases and rulings, student aid proposals, vocational and adult education, Chapters 1 and 2 funding, education research appropriations, special education initiatives, workplace literacy programs, education reform education leadership, and state initiatives on teacher retention. ($581.00/year)

Annette Licitra, Executive Editor
Capitol Publications, Inc.
1101 King Street
P.O. Box 1453
Alexandria, VA 22314-2053
(703) 739-6444 in VA, call collect

Education Week
Education Week is a newspaper devoted to educational issues. It is published 40 times per year. The intended audience is elementary and secondary level teachers. The majority of the publication focuses on news, including updates from Washington, DC, and various states. In addition, the publication includes opinion essays, letters, a calendar of events, and advertisements of administrative employment. ($59.94 for 40 issues)

Ronald A. Wolk, Editor
Suite 250
4301 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008
(202) 364-4114
Fax: (202) 464-1039
Ordering Information:
Education Week
P.O. Box 2083
Marion, OH 43305

Mentor Bulletin
Published four times a year, this newsletter contains articles describing state, business, and education activities; resources; and literature on mentorship. Included is an update on the U.S. Department of Labor activities related to the mentoring challenge. (no charge)

Lisa Nehus, Editor
National Media Outreach Center
QED Communications Inc.
4802 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(412) 622-1491

NAIEC Newsletter
Published six times a year, this publication provides updates on the National Association for Industry-Education Cooperation's (NAIEC) activities, legislation, educational policy, industry-education councils, conferences, and resources. Each issue contains information on the newest developments in industry-education collaboration in school improvement for public, private, and postsecondary levels; career education; and work/education-related programs. ($25.00/nonmember)

Vito R. Pace, Editor
National Association for Industry-Education Cooperation (NAIEC)
235 Hendricks Boulevard
Buffalo, NY 14226-3304
(716) 834-7047

Published periodically, this newsletter contains articles about education advocacy, including an update on legislative and federal agency activities, noteworthy advocacy efforts, and resources. Each issue emphasizes education topics on low-income students and parents and covers key areas of concern including bilingual/biculturai education, disciplinary action, educational reform, racial discrimination, special education, and vocational education. (no charge)

Center for Law and Education
Vocational Education Project
197 Friend Street, 9th Floor
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 371-1166

The Real Story
Published three times a year, this newsletter presents information and the latest activities from rural school-incubated enterprise program participants. The publisher, REAL (Rural Entrepreneurship through Action Learning) Enterprises, is a federation of organizations creating, opening, and supporting rural school-incubated enterprise programs. (no charge)

Real Enterprises, Inc.
1160 S. Milledge Ave., Suite 130
Athens, GA 30606
(706) 546-9061
Fax: (706) 353-2014

Tech Prep Advocate
Published every four months, this newsletter describes legislation, programs, resources, and other activities concerning services to individuals with disabilities in Tech Prep programs. (no charge)

John Gugerty, Editor
Center on Education and Work
School of Education
University of Wisconsin-Madison
964 Educational Sciences Building
1025 W. Johnson Street
Madison, WI 53706-1796
(608) 263-4151
Fax: (608) 262-3063

Vocational Education Journal
Published eight times during the school year, the journal includes articles on current issues in vocational education and reports on major employment, technological, and social trends. Articles in the journal are written in a popular format rather than a professional/technical journal style. It also provides information on promising practices, programs, and products. (AVA members, including student members, no charge; $30.00/nonmembers, $3.75/single copy)

Paul Plawin, Director of Publications
American Vocational Association (AVA)
1410 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 683-3111 in VA
(800) 826-9972

Vocational Education Weekly
Published 44 times a year, this newsletter (formerly the Legislative Brief) provides regular updates on federal funding, initiatives relating to the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Applied Technology Act, state activities, insights into expanded opportunities for vocational education resulting from new legislation, reviews of new reports on education reform and workforce preparation, and other pertinent information concerning vocational education. Four Issue Papers a year on critical topics affecting the field are included in the subscription. ($159.00/year for nonmembers; $139.00/year for members)

Dale Hudelson, Editor
American Vocational Association (AVA)
1410 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 683-3111 in VA
(800) 826-9972

Vocational Training News
This weekly newsletter provides timely, useful reports on the federal Job Training Partnership Act and the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Applied Technology Act. Other areas of coverage include education reform, literacy, private industry councils, and state education and training initiatives. ($298.00/year)

Jennifer Cetta, Editor
Capitol Publications, Inc.
1101 King Street
P.O. Box 1453
Alexandria, VA 22314-2053
(703) 739-6444 in VA, call collect

Workplace Network News
Workplace Network News is a quarterly newsletter initiated in June 1993 by the Office of Vocational and Adult Education. The newsletter covers current and significant workplace education information. It provides information concerning new developments, the availability of products developed by funded projects, relevant research, and what works in workplace literacy. The newsletter strives to encourage and promote involvement of businesses, labor, and education organizations interested in establishing programs of work-based learning. (no charge)

Tammy Fortune, Editor
Office of Vocational and Adult Education
U.S. Department of Education
Washington, DC 20202-7240
(202) 205-8959
Fax: (202) 205-8973

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